Projektor Utbildning

About Projektor in English

Projektor is a company located in Stockholm, Sweden. We specialize in colour management and scanning. We also do image preparation before book publishing. We work with many of Sweden’s best-known photographers.

We are specialists in colour management and work as colour consultants for individual photographers and small or big companies. On our customer list, you can find companies like IKEA and H&M.

We also do printer profiling, using the latest and best programs that are on the market. We know that we can create a profile that will let you enjoy the full quality of your printer and paper. Not only do we know how to create a good profile, we also know how to evaluate the quality of a profile. If you are interested in obtaining the very best printer profiles, mail us.

We teach at different photographic schools in Sweden and are often asked to give lectures about colour management, digital imaging and inkjet printing at different seminars. We know how to prepare and optimize images both for exhibition and book publishing. We are certified by the German test institute FOGRA to do hardcopy proof prints.

We are the Swedish distributor of the RIP ImagePrint, which replaces the ordinary printer driver with an easy-to-use interface. The profiles that are included in the RIP are of a very high quality.

Projektor consists of Birgitta Forsell, Eva-Terez Gölin och Stefan Ohlsson. You can reach us at

On the right, you can see some recent examples from photographers that we’ve worked with. You will find more on this page, but the text is in Swedish.

© Helena Blomqvist
At an auction in London this image “Group Portrait in Forest” brought in £ 16.500, a new record for her images.


On the left, “Studio 54”, Hasse Persson’s images from the famous discotheque in New York.
On the right, Magnus Westerborn’s “Route en Italia”, images from his parents journey to Italy in 1954.

© Anders Petersen
Moderna Museet, Stockholm recently acquired more than 30 images from the photographer Anders Petersen in the size of 24 x 36″, printed on acid-free paper without any OBA content.